Sessioneers were in the Barrelhouse in Weert, which is an Irish Pub

We didn’t know it, but for a short time there’s been an Irish Pub in Weert. Which is awesome, because wherever you go around the world there’s supposed to be an Irish Pub. Let’s face it; it was about time Weert got its act together.

Sessioneers in The Barrelhouse, Weert

“Can you pose for Facebook?”

And so they did. In a splendid way. The Barrelhouse is, as one would expect, full of barrels. But it’s also nice and cozy and it’s the perfect place to go for a pint if you ever find yourself in Weert. The three of us went there for a gig on the 14th of april and it was absolutely delightful. The staff and owners were very kind and helpful and we had a lot of fun entertaining their guests. We hope no-one hurt themselves dancing (or otherwise) – and we didn’t hear about anyone, so that’s that. We’ll be glad to go back there some day (and we’ll be sure to tell you about it when we do, of course).

There’s a nice mixture of all ages in the Barrelhouse’s patrons, and a hard-working staff to keep them all from getting dry. Their non-live music selection is varied, with a good selection of Irish stuff, but also nice classics that we heard after the gig.


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