The Archives

Some things, as they say, are history.

Now, we may not be the National Archive, but we like to keep track of what we’ve done at least a little.


Our first official gig was in Hendrick’s Pub in Alphen a/d Rijn on november 1, 2014. Hendrick’s Pub is a lovely place, especially if you’re a sports and drinks fan (but you should go there for the food as well).

En jawel, zelfs een filmopname! Een van onze favoriete nummers, "Charlie and the M.T.A.". Met dank aan Suzanne Leeuw voor de opname. Enjoy!

Geplaatst door Sessioneers op zondag 2 november 2014

2015 Tour

We did a tour of Northern Germany and Denmark in 2015: Oldenburg, Copenhagen, Randers. We met with lots of musicians and fans there, and some of them joined us for a bit of craic…

With Michael Donnan in Copenhagen

One of the many highlights of that tour was the reception in Von Hatten, Randers. Our friend AC documented that night with some pictures, shown below.

AC and Sessioneers


2015 O’Leary’s Anniversary

We got to play at the twentieth year anniversary of O’Leary’s in Utrecht. Fun times with the local patrons that we regularly encounter. Some footage was also made, which shows how nice this night was.