Awesome Folk Band

Sessioneers is a folk band that currently consists of Wesley, Nicolaas and Davide.

Hello and Failte. Let us introduce you to what we humbly refer to as our Awesome Folk Band – Sessioneers. Wesley is the entertainer of the bunch: he sings, does guitar and sometimes whistle and generally bounces around on stage a lot. Nicolaas is the melodious star on the fiddle and combines skill with improvisation, ensuring that no live gig is exactly the same. Davide is the rhythm: the Italian percussionplayer makes sure the beat of the music keeps going, much the same as the beat of your hearts during a Sessioneers performance.

Irish and Scottish Folk

We play Irish Folk, Scottish Folk and a few things that don’t exactly fall into that category. We’re a folk band at heart, but we like to play to the crowd. A Sessioneers-concert does not usually have a listening audience. It’s an interaction between the music and the audience and we very much welcome audience participation. Influences on our selection of music are definitely bands like the Dubliners, the Pogues, Silly Wizard and Rapalje, but also singers like Christy Moore.

Generally, a concert consists of a mixture of songs and dancing tunes, and most of them are upbeat. Wesley did start out as a balladeer and can’t resist the urge to sing a tragic, slow ballad sometimes. You might enjoy the change of pace, though. The tunes are mostly jigs and reels, but Nicolaas is a very versatile fiddler. Tou never know: he might just switch to bluegrass tunes or indeed a burst of classical music in between. As for the audience: they’re very encouraged to clap along and sing along and we’re no longer surprised if anyone between the age of 5 and 95 suddenly starts dancing.